Datum Explorer is a multi-platform project, documenting and exploring the inhabitation of digital environments.
It is both an app and a site specific installation.

In July 2014 a forest in East Sussex was surveyed using a terrestrial 3D scanner and binaural recording device. This 3D dataset has been re-imagined as an exploratory digital landscape - part site survey and part game environment filled with elusive animals.

As part of Datum Festival 2014, the point cloud was projected back into its original environment to create an immersive experience fusing nature and data.

available downloads:

Macv1.1| Windowsv1.1| Linuxv1.1| Webv1.1| iOSv1.1| Androidv1.1

A project conceived and produced by UniversalAssemblyUnit:
Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu, Samantha Lee, William Gowland, Zhan Wang

Binaural sound recording: Hannah Durham

Special thanks: Great Park Farm Nursery, Sussex,
Datum Festival, Thomas Wing-Evans, Michael Perkins,
Raluca Grada-Emandi, Karol Komorowski.